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Pre-Purchase WIAA State Tickets

The process here is simple, get the funds to the Kewaskum Wrestling program, and we'll ensure you get your 1st or 2nd level ticket, grouped with Kewaskum fans of your liking. 

KHS State Qualifying families will be granted the best seats, of course. Our typical section 108 and any other local tickets we can snag in or near that section. 

From there, the earliest paid families will get the next best seats. 

Our goal...STAY OUT OF LEVEL 3! and this is the way to do it. 

If we get your funds now, we can go ticket crazy as soon as we have the availability. 

Long story short, Coach Rhoads has always received a 2nd ticket purchase code that we've never used before. This code represents LOWER LEVEL SEATING in which other high schools have neglected to purchase using their code, and we can swipe them up! 

Pre-Purchase Deadline: NOVEMBER 24, 2023

State Tournament.jpg

One 5 Session Ticket - $67.50

**If you plan to attend just 1 or 2 sessions, like the semi-finals or finals, it will be better for you to capture a single session ticket from the WIAA Website. 

By submitting your ticket funds to the KIWC, you're reserving your seats into the WIAA state tournament. We will take care of mass-purchasing the amount of tickets we need and delivering them to you. 

Please provide by Check or Credit/Debit Card the amount for all the seats you'll like - $67.50 each. 

You may either write a check to the KIWC and deliver to either Brian Kleinke or Scott Rhoads.

Or use the purchase button below to use debit or credit card. 

*Additional charges may exist. 

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